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Our Portfolio


RCL Client Base

RCL Global is typically the first institutional investor in its portfolio companies, which may have been founder-owned, or been carved out from a larger entity.

Patterned Walls

What we do

In essence, we provide private investment, commercial expertise and hands-on
support to transform and grow businesses.

Working together with management teams, we focus on driving performance and delivering results. We pride ourselves on being more than a turnaround investor, we see potential in complex situations, and we work with management teams to share in success. 

Our process is as follows…




We assess and audit

We consult and discuss

We evaluate and identify opportunities

We give clear suggestions and advice

We share insights and experiences

We consolidate and create efficiencies

We identify external resources
and partners

We recommend design and
branding solutions

We help make businesses resilient
to external change

We invest in long-term concepts
and grow sustainable value

We share our tried and tested processes

We introduce experts and specialists at the right time

We create a community and network of businesses that support each other

We mentor and support leaders within the company

We assist with recruitment needs

We monitor marketing activity

We resolve financial reporting and accounting management

We create a clear exit strategy, whether it is realised or not

We allow transparent and open discussions about shareholding

We find appropriate sale options that respect company legacy and goals

We help with valuation and market expansion

We assess equity release options

We recommend public and stock market timings

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